How to Make Your Glasses More Comfortable

Do you ever experience discomfort such as headaches, eyestrain or ear and nose pain while wearing your glasses? Common issues such as an inaccurate fit, outdated prescription or dirty lenses can contribute to these discomforts. Here are some simple ways to keep your vision clear and your glasses comfortable.

glasses frame measurement graphic- how to make your glasses more comfortable

1. Ensure Your Frames Fit Properly

Glasses that are too loose or too tight can cause a lot of discomfort—from slipping frames to pinching nose bridges. There are three key elements to consider when thinking about the fit of your glasses: frame width, arm length and bridge placement. At your appointment, your optometrist will use these measurements to ensure your glasses fit properly.

              • Frame Width: Frame width is the total width of the front face of your glasses. Your frames should extend far enough past your cheek bones so that the arms do not touch your temples but be close enough that you cannot fit more than one finger between your face and frames.


              • Arm Length: Arm length measures the long temple piece along the side of your frames or the “arm” of your glasses. The arm should curve comfortably around your ears and only touch your head once right before your ear.


              • Bridge Placement: The bridge is the small middle piece that rests on your nose. The weight of your frames should be evenly distributed across the bridge without pinching or sliding off your nose.


Learn more about how your glasses should fit here.

glasses prescription graphic - how to make your glasses more comfortable

2. Make Sure Your Prescription is Up-To-Date

Your vision and prescription can change over time, and an outdated prescription may cause blurred vision, headaches, or eye strain. Getting an annual comprehensive eye exam is the best way to ensure your prescription is up-to-date so that you can choose new, comfortable eyewear for clear vision.

clean glasses graphic- how to make your glasses more comfortable

3. Clean Your Glasses Regularly

Lenses that are covered in dirt and smudges are not only annoying but can also give you headaches and cause strain to your eyes. Make sure to clean your lenses regularly for clear and comfortable vision. For safe and convenient tips to clean your glasses, click here.

glasses lens coating graphic- how to make your glasses more comfortable

4.Add a Lens Coating

Adding a lens coating, such as DuraVision® Platinum UV or DuraVision® BlueProtect UV to your lenses can help reduce eye fatigue caused by night driving, computer screens and florescent lighting. They can also help increase the durability of your lenses and decrease distracting reflections. Talk to your Shopko Optical optometrist about adding such coatings to your lenses.

Uncomfortable glasses can be a pain, but by easily confirming the fit with an optician, verifying your prescription, cleaning your lenses or adding a lens coating for reduced strain, ­­­­­­you can maximize the comfort of your eyeglasses for everyday clarity.

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