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How to Choose Your Sunglasses

Wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses is the easiest way to protect your vision against damaging UV rays. However, with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide on your favorite pair. Use the following tips to determine which sunglasses are perfect for you and your eye health.

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1. Check Their UV Rating

When selecting your sunglasses, look for a tag or label which indicates they block 100% of all UV light, or that they have UV absorption up to 400 nm (nanometers). Lenses with this rating will help shield damaging UV rays and protect your eyes against short and long-term sun damage.

At Shopko Optical, we offer premium UV technology, including Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® and ZEISS UVProtect, in all our lens offerings for full protection against UVA and UVB rays.



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2. Decide on a Shape

Generally, the larger the lenses the more surface protection your sunglasses will provide. Try oversized or wrap around options for maximum sun protection. You can also use our face shape guide to decide which sunglass shape will best complement your facial features.

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3. Experiment With Different Styles

Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize and showcase your personality. Whether you opt for one everyday pair or multiple pairs of varying designs, be sure to take your personal style and daily activities into account when choosing which pairs are right for you. You can learn more about how to select your perfect frames here.

How to Find Your Perfect Frames

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4. Select A Tint

The tint of your sunglass lenses does not affect their UV blocking abilities. A clear lens can provide the same UV protection as a lens that is tinted dark grey. However, lens tints are an excellent way to personalize the look of your sunglasses and can be used to improve color vibrancy, enhance your depth perception, and reduce eye strain in bright sunlight.

Grey-tinted lenses block the most light and are a great option when in bright direct sunlight. If you prefer darker lenses or have eyes that are sensitive to light you may want to choose this tint option.

Brown-tinted lenses let in more light than grey lenses. They are a great versatile option ideal for variable light conditions and everyday use.

Red or Pink
Pink-tinted lenses provide the highest contrast and definition for various light conditions. They offer a comfortable view great for extended wear.

Green-tinted lenses let in the most light of all tinted options and are ideal for early mornings, late afternoons, or low light conditions. They also improve depth perception and contrast making them a great choice while playing outdoor sports such as golf or tennis.

Self-tinting lenses adjust in color according to the intensity of light they are exposed to, appearing clear indoors or in low light conditions and automatically darkening when in the sun. They are an excellent choice for busy, on the go lifestyles or for people who are constantly moving from indoor to outdoor settings throughout the day.

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