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How to Care for Your Glasses

You’ve invested time and money into selecting the best frames and lenses for you—so it’s important to take care of your glasses when you’re not wearing them. Storing your glasses in a padded, protective case that is the correct size for your frames will go a long way in shielding them from dust, dirt or other debris that can scratch or smudge the lenses. Read on for more tips on how to keep your glasses safe and in good shape until your next eyewear update.

glasses in hard shell case

1. Store Glasses with Lenses Facing Upward in a Padded, Protective Case

To best protect your glasses from scratches, smudges, or other damage, place them in a padded case with the lenses facing upward. You can even wrap a microfiber cleaning cloth around your glasses before sliding them into your case for added protection against smudges. Avoid placing them in a pocket, bag, or drawer without the case.

folded eyeglasses

2. Close Glasses First Before Setting Them Down

When you want to take off your glasses and your case isn’t easily accessible, close the arms of your frames first with lenses facing upward to avoid scratches. When placed on a counter or vanity top, be mindful that cosmetics such as hair sprays or perfumes can damage anti-reflective coatings.

adjusting glasses with forefinger and thumb

3. Adjust and Take Off Your Glasses with Care

Adjust frames using your thumb and forefinger on the bottom and top of the frames. Avoid pushing on the nose piece and try not to rest your glasses on the top of your head. These practices can cause your frames to become misaligned, resulting in improper positioning of your lenses within the center of your eyes. Additionally, when taking off your glasses, remove them using two hands.

eyeglasses on a cord

4. Invest in an Eyewear Retainer

If you frequently misplace your glasses, a good option is to invest in a glasses cord, strap, or chain. Attach the strap to your frames so that they’re secure if they are knocked from your face or if you just want to take them off briefly.

Your glasses can be a fun accessory to your everyday look. Just like your clothes, shoes, and jewelry, you likely want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. Using proper care techniques for your glasses can really lengthen the amount of time you’re able to wear them until you get a new prescription or want to invest in an updated look. Learn how to clean your lenses and frames properly.

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