Finding the Right Frames for You

You might know the scenario. A pair of glasses looks great on display but leaves you disappointed once you try them on. Or, they look not-so-great on display, but you try them on anyway, and surprise—you love them.

Why? It all comes down to face shape. It’s a heavy influencer on how your glasses will look. Taking your face shape into consideration early on will help you find the frames you love sooner.

The general rule of thumb is to choose frames that contrast the shape of your face, provide balance, and bring out your facial features.

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What’s Your Face Shape?

To determine your face shape, you should look at the widest parts of your face, jaw shape, and angles. Use the images below as a guide.

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Round Face Shape

Round faces are relatively equal in width and length with no angles. If you have a round face shape, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your jaw is rounded. Angular frames can make round faces appear longer, and rectangular frames will also provide contrast and bring out your facial features. View all Frames for Round Faces

Flattering Frames for Round Faces

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Oval Face Shape

If you have evenly proportioned sides of your face and a rounded forehead and chin, your face is an oval shape. Oval face shapes can also appear egg-shaped and have few angles. Their balanced proportions mean they work well with almost any style, but you’ll also want to take the strong points of your face into consideration to help emphasize them. Choose walnut-shaped, square, or oversized frames for a unique look. Bold and geometric styles also work well for this face shape. View all Frames for Oval Faces

Flattering Frames for Oval Faces

heart shaped face icon

Heart Face Shape

Heart faces feature a wide, broad forehead and a narrow chin, sometimes including a widow’s peak. These face shapes work well with oval-shaped or thin frames. Bottom-heavy frames like aviators also work well with these shapes, as they add balance to it. Round frames draw attention away from the wideness of the forehead. View all Frames for Heart Faces

Flattering Frames for Heart Faces

square shaped face icon

Square Face Shape

Square faces feature straight lines, relatively proportionate sides, and a broad forehead. Some square faces are longer than they are wide and closer to rectangles. If your face shape has proportioned length and width, narrow frames can make your face appear longer. Round or oval-shaped frames will add softness or balance to angular features in all square face shapes. View all Frames for Square Faces

Flattering Frames for Square Faces

triangle shaped face icon

Triangle Face Shape

If your face is wide near the bottom and narrow at the top, it’s considered a triangle face. Your cheeks and chin are most prominent if you have this face shape. Try frames featuring a mix of shapes or heaviness at the top, such as cat eyes, aviators, or D-frames to contrast the bottom of your face. View all Frames for Triangle Faces

Flattering Frames for Triangle Faces

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