What is a Digital Eye Exam?

Digital eye exams are conducted in-center via live video conference with remote operation of optical equipment by a licensed optometrist. The patient sees the optometrist in real-time and communicates with them live. This real-time engagement replicates a traditional face-to-face appointment lasting an average of less than 30 minutes. Results of the exam, including prescriptions, referrals and follow-up information, are delivered to the patient and printed at the center immediately following the appointment.

Call your local Shopko Optical for more information and to find out if you are eligible for a digital eye exam.

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Digital Eye Exam Benefits

Digital eye exams provide better accessibility and convenience to the patient scheduling experience while maintaining the same accuracy and quality of care that the patient would receive during a traditional eye exam.

What to Expect At Your Digital Eye Exam

1. When you arrive at Shopko Optical, you will be assisted by a local optician in entering your medical history on a tablet. This information gets uploaded and reviewed by the remote optometrist you will see.

2. The optician will perform a pre-screening involving a few tests to produce images of your eyes that will ensure you receive the most accurate prescription.

3. Once you’re taken into the exam room, you’ll have a seat on the exam chair with the phoropter (a tool used to test your eyes) and a monitor in front of you.

4. A remote technician will appear on screen and perform a complete subjective refraction (a test that will help find the best lenses for your eyes), while the local optician prompts you through any additional instructions.

5. When the refraction is complete, the optometrist will communicate the findings and walk you through any questions you have.

6. The optometrist will finalize your prescription, share a referral or give follow-up instructions based on the results, just like a face-to-face appointment.

7. Your prescription will be printed locally, and the exam is complete.

8. When you exit the exam room, you can browse the selection of eyewear at Shopko Optical and purchase according to the prescription you were given.

Eye Care Centers Offering Digital Eye Exams

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