How to Know if Your Child is Ready to Try Contacts

There is no magic age that indicates your child is ready to wear contact lenses. Every child is different and ready to take on new responsibilities at different ages. Contact lenses should only be fitted for children who are ideal candidates depending on their vision and lifestyle requirements. Additionally, they must be worn safely according to guidelines set by their optometrist. There are pros and cons of having your child wear contact lenses, and it’s best to discuss these with their eye doctor to determine if contacts are right for them. If your child is asking to wear contact lenses and you’re wondering if they’re ready, check if they complete any of the below on a regular basis.

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1. Your Child Does Their Chores without Having to be Asked Continually

Being accountable for household tasks can be a good indicator they are ready for the daily responsibility of caring for contact lenses.

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2. Your Child Has Good Hygiene Habits

If your child has a good basic hygienic routine, including washing their hands consistently, they may be ready for contact lenses. Poor hygiene increases the risk of eye infection when handling contact lenses.

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3. Your Child Takes Care of Their Glasses

Keeping track of their glasses when not in use, along with cleaning them and keeping them safe at school, can be a sign they will take good care of their contact lenses as well.

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4. Your Child is Asking to Wear Contacts

If your child is interested in wearing contact lenses for full-time wear, at school, and/or while playing sports, they will be motivated to care for them and the responsibility that comes with them.

Contact lenses are a great way to improve vision and, in some cases, can help with confidence and self-esteem in children. Ensuring your child is ready for the responsibility of wearing contacts is the key to success. Schedule them a comprehensive eye exam and talk to their optometrist about the best eyewear option for your child’s lifestyle.

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