How to Know if Daily Disposables are Right for You

Have you been interested in seeing the convenience and comfort of daily disposable contacts? With the help of your Shopko Optical optometrist, you can determine if daily contacts are the best contact choice for your prescription, lifestyle needs, and personal preference.

Disposable contacts are designed to be worn for one day only and disposed of each night. A fresh pair must be used for the following day. The minimal maintenance required make them an ideal choice for those who have a busy lifestyle and are good for overall eye health since they don’t lead to bacteria buildup.

You may be a good candidate for daily disposables:

person wearing safety glasses playing soccer

1. If you’re an athlete

It’s safer for you to wear contacts rather than glasses while playing sports where you’re actively engaged since you can risk injuring yourself or others from broken frames or reduced peripheral vision. With daily contacts, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your lenses from day to day during a competition or tournament. A fresh, clean pair every day reduces irritation from dirt or sand on the field.

2. If you have seasonal allergies

Allergens like dust and pollen often adhere to the surface of contact lenses. However, daily disposables can help alleviate dry eye symptoms and starting with a new pair each day let’s you have a fresh start with a clean surface.


3. If you’re a makeup enthusiast

Do you love using your creativity to express yourself through makeup? While glasses can affect the way you apply your makeup, keep in mind your choice of contact lenses to ensure the health and safety of your eyes. Daily disposable lenses reduce the risk of an eye infection and can provide constant moisture to your eyes. Just make sure to wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses.


4. If you’re a busy student or professional

Looking to add convenience to your busy day? Daily contacts are healthier for your eyes because they don’t collect irritants or allergens and you don’t have to spend time cleaning and disinfecting them each day.


5. If you travel often

No worries about losing your contact lens case or remembering to pack contact solution! Daily disposables are great for traveling as you can just take the number of lenses you need for your trip, toss the old pair each night, and wear a new pair each day.

Ready to try daily disposable contacts? Talk to your Shopko Optical optometrist about daily contacts at your next comprehensive eye exam and they will help fit you with a free trial before you purchase your year supply from our wide selection of brands!

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